Year of Mary 2018

Throughout the year all Catholic schools within the Newcastle and Hexham Diocese are focusing their prayers and work on Our Lady. The Pope has chosen to focus on Mary for the next two years’ World Youth celebrations, culminating in Panama in 2019. Francis has asked young people to journey with Mary, describing her as ‘a role model to be imitated’.
Consequently, schools across the diocese have decided to continue our ‘Year of …’ plans with a Year of Mary.

Each month is linked to a virtue shown by Mary and celebrates her many names. at St Matthew’s we will be centering our prayers and collective worship around the monthly themes as outlined in the Year of Mary plan.

Please click on our Catholic Life Blog to see how we have been celebrating Mary our Mother.

for further information on The Year of Mary, please visit the Newcastle and Hexham Diocese website.




The Year of Oscar Romero

In 2017 we will participate with the diocese in celebrating the centenary of Blessed Oscar Romero’s birth.

Archbishop Romero was one of one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th Century, who deserves to be remembered alongside the likes of Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa as a peacemaker who sacrificed his life standing up to injustice. The world today desperately needs more figures like Romero – leaders with the courage, faith and love to stand up for the poor against injustice.

Romero is, in particular, an inspirational figure to hundreds of millions of Catholics around the world. He didn’t simply talk about the need to love your neighbour, but courageously named the injustices that plagued his country. He reminded us that Christ is found in people living in poverty and that we cannot ignore the suffering of our brothers and sisters in need.
We can all celebrate Romero’s legacy by following his example: by challenging injustice wherever we see it and by refusing to stay silent about the issues that keep people in poverty.

On Thursday 29.6.17, we celebrated DAY OF MANY COLOURS with a cake sale and non-uniform day. Throughout the day the boys and girls at St Matthew’s wrote their own Mission Prayers, retold the story of Noah’s Ark and explored the work of Mission Together. We raised £110 for the charity.


Monthly Focus

Throughout the Year in St Matthews’ school, there will be a monthly focus linked to the life and sayings of Blessed Oscar Romero:

Each month a different year group will be presenting an assembly on each theme.

JunePray and Share
Aspire not to have more
OctoberIt is not God's will for some to have everything

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