Starting Our Nursery

Starting Nursery

Nursery sessions are 8.45am – 11.45am or 11.45am -2.45pm or 8.45am- 2.45pm

We can take 22 children each session and we have two/ three members of staff. Our ratio is 1 adult to 13 children.

In order to offer as much support to these young children as possible, we have staggered starting dates. We only take in three children at a time, as there are only three members of staff available to look after the children.

Parents are welcome to stay with their child if they feel that their child requires their support. For the first 2 days, all new children stay for only one/ two hours. This is very dependant on the child. If the child has not settled then staff will negotiate with the parent and work out a suitable time for both parent and child.

At the end of the session, it is important to collect your child at the correct time. If a different person is picking up your child it is very important to let a member of staff know.

School Lunch

Both morning and afternoon children can have a school lunch, which costs £2.20 per day. School meals are booked and paid for in advance using our online payment system, ‘ParentPay’, more information can be found here: link.