Sport Leaders

At St. Matthew’s we recognise that children are both great participants in sport but also some of the best leaders we can have. That’s why we have our Sports Leaders to help organise and run the many Sporting events we have here in school, from whole school P.E lessons to sport-filled charity days they are a huge part of why these days run so smoothly.


This year we were overwhelmed at how many of our current Year 6’s wanted to become Sports Leaders that we had to narrow the selection down to our current few. All of the children who wanted to applied with their very own reasons for wanting to become one of our Sport Leaders.  It made the process very difficult this year!

After careful selection we managed to narrow it down to our current roster of leaders:

Emily H    Liam S    Ted S    Matthew S    Emily E    Lily D   Jessica M    Kacey M   Lucy P

Role in School

The children have had a huge impact and have helped run and organise a variety of events here in school, from Sports Relief to the ‘Get Dancing’ day the leaders have been invaluable to ensure the smooth operation of these days.

Other than aiding in these events the Sport Leaders help run P.E events throughout the school by setting up equipment, leading warm-ups and being the official score recorders.

Each Sport Leader is easily identifiable by their unique hoody, given to them by our school in recognition of their position. Check the P.E Sports Blog for up to date information on the Sport Events that our leaders helped us in!