School Council

The School Council at St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School consists of a team of extremely active, dedicated and well-organised children. The members of the council take their roles very seriously and, as a result of their hard work, have orchestrated and coordinated positive changes within the school.

The School Council is the voice of the children. The Council consists of two representatives in each year from across the school from Foundation Stage to Year 6, members of staff and governors. New representatives are elected each school year. The Council meets at least once every month where they contribute to school improvement and work together to ensure the health and well-being of all members of the school community.

Being a School Councillor provides the opportunity to learn real-life skills take on responsibilities and be involved in decision making. In the last academic year, the council dealt with playtime games, attendance and bullying.

The highlight of each year is the annual visit to London and a tour of the Houses of Parliament. We also share the day with the School Council of our partner Primary School in the MAT, Sacred Heart in Byermoor which helps to form connections for when the children eventually move on to secondary school.

Everyone really loves the responsibility of being on the School Council. Recently we have made big changes to the available play equipment and we have been involved in lots of activities and initiatives in school. However, this represents only a small percentage of the work carried out by the council!

Our Vision

The School Council Vision Statement is as follows:

  • Our school council works together as a team to ensure we can be the best school possible.
  • We aim to make pupils to feel comfortable, happy and safe at school.
  • We shall work hard to make our world a better place.
  • We want to improve our school by discussing ideas and making decisions.
  • We aim to listen to others and discuss comments and suggestions that would make our school an even more wonderful place.
Manifesto 2019
Reduce Plastics

To reduce our school’s plastics, we could…

  • Don’t put other foods like fruit, vegetables or cheese in little plastic pots.
  • Don’t always use plastic spoons, use reusable or metal ones.
  • Don’t bring into school a plastic water bottle unless you re-use instead of throwing it out, try and use proper reusable ones.
Recycle Plastics

To recycle our school’s plastics, we could…

  • Recycle our stationery, that doesn’t work/empty, like pens and glue sticks – make recycle boxes for each class for the recycling.

To use less paper in our school, we could…

  • Bring in doodle books instead of using good school paper.
  • Use fewer letters and instead use email or class Dojo.
  • Recycle bigger bits of paper, that people want to throw out but can be re-used.