Playground Buddies

At St. Matthew’s we realise that children can flourish just as much in the classroom, as out of it, but they sometimes need a little guidance from peers on how to properly and safely play games while out and about at both playtime and lunchtime every day.

To help with this goal, we have worked closely with Gateshead School Sports Partnership to provide our budding Year 5s with some special ‘Playground Buddy’ Training. They underwent this training over two sessions with the instructor and have excelled in their new roles as Playground Buddies.

A special ‘Buddy Station’ was set up so all the children across the school would know the names and faces of the Buddies.

Role in School

The role of the Playground Buddy is to help organise and run playground games on a day to day basis over the course of the play and lunch breaks. They help keep the children playing properly, fairly and safely in their games

Have a look at our Playground Buddies hard at work!