Mission Statement

Together we… Pray, Play, Work, Learn and Grow

St Matthew’s Catholic School  is committed to encouraging every child to develop fully  with regard to his/her spiritual, moral, social, physical, economic, academic and personal qualities.

The aim is that all children will grow in self-confidence and become responsible and caring members of society.

We intend that our delivery of the curriculum reflects these aims,  through continuous evaluation of all that is done in school.

This mission requires equality of opportunity and the co-operation of Governors, families and parish members to foster a  Christian atmosphere and a caring Catholic Community.

To achieve these aims we endeavour to:

  • Pray with and for each other.
  • Show consideration and care for others.
  • Foster friendliness and value, politeness, honesty and sharing.
  • We also encourage children and staff to care for and appreciate their school environment.
  • Encourage the children to become religiously literate.
  • Promote a healthy safe lifestyle for pupils and staff.