Class 5

Hello and welcome to Class 5!

During their final two years at St Matthew’s our pupils work hard to prepare for their transition to St. Thomas More, and in Year 6, we work towards KS2 SATS, which take place in May. We have a great year planned, with some fantastic topics to explore. We will keep you up to date via DOJO (see below for more details) and you can follow our curriculum plans which are located on the Class 5 page of the website.

Your Class 5 team:

Mrs Saunders – Class Teacher, Science, Music and Geography Coordinator; Forest School Leader

Classroom information:

There is no specific requirement for pupils to bring stationery other than a pen, pencil and ruler. However, if they wish to do so, all pupils are allowed to bring their own small pencil case to school with basic stationery items (e.g. blue handwriting pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, pencil sharpener, scissors, glue, hi-lighters, protractor). If they wish to bring pencils and pens for use in Art they may also do so – these should be kept in a separate pencil case and left in their school bag.


We operate a library in our class where pupils are all required to sign out a library book to read. They will be expected to read this book at home and at school during guided reading sessions/quiet time in class. Once they have finished a book, they will sign it in and write a book review for our class library display before choosing a new book. It is important that children read texts that provide suitable challenge and engagement in Upper Key Stage 2.  A recommended reading list can be provided to help you and your child choose suitable texts. Bookshops and libraries are also willing to recommend texts and it is definitely worth having a chat with staff if you are unsure.

One important way that you can support your children in year 5 and 6 is by reading with them. Reading is the key to success in English both at KS2 and beyond. Take a little time to listen to them read, to read to them and to discuss books that they are reading.


Children will be given three exercise books to use for homework/revision activities: a spelling/grammar book, a mental maths/arithmetic book and a homework book. It is very important that children look after these books, bring them to school when required and submit their homework on time.

Each child will be given a homework diary at the beginning of the year. It is their responsibility to look after this diary and to record in it any work they are expected to complete at home. Parents are asked to sign the book each week once their child has completed their homework ready for submission. The diary will also be used to record any other important information that the children need to bring home. Please encourage your child to look after this book. The use of a homework diary is good preparation for secondary school, where the children will be required to maintain a work planner.

During the autumn term, children will complete a mental maths test each Monday. This will be marked and sent home for them to practice throughout the week for a re-test on Friday to try and achieve their target. After half term, the mental maths will eventually be replaced by an arithmetic test for Year 6 children, in preparation for SATS. Year 5 children will continue with mental maths work for a little longer and may then progress to arithmetic.

Spellings will also be sent home on a Monday to be practised throughout the week for a test the following Monday. Each child has a spelling and grammar book. It is important that they do not lose this book as it will be a revision resource for them during the year. Closer to SATs, year 6 children will have more regular spelling tests or revision activities.

Every Friday, children will bring home their green homework books, which will have a piece of English and Maths work in to complete for the following Wednesday.

Occasionally, Friday’s English and Maths homework may be replaced with work relating to our topics that term, or during the week additional work may be given to support a particular subject. Children will record details of this in their homework diary.

From January, Year 6 children will also have SATs revision homework each week. This will be given out during their SATs revision classes which take place from 3 pm – 4.15pm each Monday and Thursday from January.


KS2 SATs take place during the week commencing 13th May 2019. Further information about SATs can be found in the SAT’s document on the Class 5 page of our website.

Class Dojo

In Class 5, general updates for parents and children will be sent through Class Dojo. Make sure you sign up to see pictures on our Class Story as well as general messages. If you have any queries about your child’s progress or any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via Dojo.

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