Living out our Faith

Class 1 liturgy for the Year of Mary 4.5.18
Showing Humility
During the month of May in particular, we will be thinking about Mary’s humility and the life of Jesus through the eyes of his mother. We think about the important events in both of their lives.
When we pray we ask for Our Lady’s help so that God will know that we are truly sorry for anything that we have done wrong.
Do not be afraid,
God will always love you.
Whatever you have done,
God will always love you.
Holy Mary, Mother fair
Filled with love for God.
Pray for us in our needs,
Pray for us today.

Reception liturgy for the Year of Mary 27.4.18

Annunciation Liturgy
Children in class 1 celebrated the feast of the Annunciation today and reminded us of when Mary said “Yes” to God’s call to be the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We know this story so well- the message of the angel to a young Jewish girl, telling her she was to be the mother of God. Although Mary was worried, she said “Yes” to God’s plan.
We can follow Mary’s example of obedience by choosing the right path and doing what God wants for us.

Whole School Liturgy 29.3.18

Today we celebrated a liturgy that reflected on the Passion of our Lord. We all listened to a reading from the Gospel according to John that described Jesus washing the feet of his disciples before sharing the final Passover meal.
jesus loved his disciples very much and he honoured them right to the end by washing their feet. It is the spirit of love and service of brothers and sisters which is to be the characteristic of the Christian disciple.
We should glory in the cross of Jesus Christ, for he is our salvation, our life and our resurrection. Through Him we are saved and we are made free.

Lent 2018

During Lent, we received a visit from Mr McGee, a friend of ours who volunteers for Cafod. Mr McGee came to talk to the boys and girls about ‘Give it Up’, Cafod’s latest campaign to help make a difference to some of the lives of some of the poorest people in the world.

Mr McGee gave us an A-Z of things we could give up during Lent and donate to Cafod instead. We found out that donating just £1 will provide seeds to grow beans and that £10 will help cultivate a nutritious family vegetable garden.


Class 4/5:
To complete their ‘Sources’ unit in RE, where they have been studying the Bible, the year 5 and 6 children chose a quote from scripture and used it to design their own bookmark. They will be bringing their bookmark home today to use in their Bible, prayer book or reading book at home. We had a wonderful lesson exploring the pieces of scripture that inspire us.
Mrs Saunders