We heard back from the adventurers yesterday that everything has gone absolutely fab on their first day. They did mention that the internet is almost non existant when not at the home base! Photos below, will be updated when we have more.



Year 4 Dentist Visit

Our year 4’s have had an amazing time during their visit from the Dentists! Check out the pictures below to see what they got up to!

They learned an awful lot about how to keep their teeth shiny, white and cavity free.

Weardale 2017

Check back soon for new photographs of the adventurous group! Smily faces all around.


Spring Term In Class 4 by Lily D

During Spring Term Class 4 have been learning about all sorts of things.

At the start of the term we had World Book Day, where everyone had to dress up as their favourite character from a book. Everyone had great costumes!

In English, we have worked on explanation texts. We looked at Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions to make it more fun. We invented our own contraptions and explained how they worked. For our last topic in English, we have looked at Beauty and the Beast. We wrote a narrative to go alongside the teaser trailer for the Disney film.

In our Science lessons we learnt about life cycles of different plants, mammals and insects. We also began to plant some flowers in the garden to watch them grow into fully grown plants. Hopefully we will continue this  in the Summer Term.

During our History topic, Class 4 have been looking at crime and punishment. We looked at crime and punishment from the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Highwaymen and the Victorians. Earlier this week we pretended that we were prisoners in a Victorian prison and we had to do lots of punishments.

Miss Dodds also came to work in our class for a few weeks. She taught us Maths, English, Science, History, Art and Geography. Everyone misses Miss Dodds a lot.

In Art and Geography we have learnt about mountains. In Art we drew them and also used different techniques to create mountain art. Have a look at our display in our classroom!

Last week was assessment week so we had to do lots of tests, which were quite hard. Everyone got great scores and we are glad they’re over!

In P.E, which was very fun, we did Tag Rugby. We had a coach come in from Newcastle Thunder to teach us.

Not long ago we took part in a Danceathon for Comic Relief, where we had to dance non stop for 45 minutes. It was so much fun!

We have had so much fun in Class 4. Happy Easter Everyone!