The Beatitudes

Class 5 Liturgy- 22.6.18

On Monday Year 6 visited the Diocesan Youth Village at Allensford, to take part in the Primary Youth Festival. The theme for this year’s festival was PLAN “Be”. Today the children shared a reflection with our school based on our experiences of the day.

Here is what they told us….

Before we do anything or go anywhere, we can’t help but begin to make plans; however it is very rare that our plans work out exactly as we hoped. That is why some of us even make a PLAN B, just in case Plan A isn’t as good. However, when God planned us, there was no PLAN B because we are one of a kind – a PLAN A – the only plan.
In Psalm 139 we hear the words “You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed”
We were made, each of us, in the image and likeness of God. He has put his imprint on each one of us. We are his PLAN A.

Class 2 – Art Day 2018

During out whole school celebration of art, children in year 2 looked at the life and work of Pablo Picasso.

We explored the different ways in which Picasso painted portraits of both himself and others. We learned about Cubism and how Picasso depicted his subjects from more than one viewpoint and noticed that his paintings often demonstrated his interest in African art and sculpture.

Islam Day at St Matthew’s


The Today the whole school learned about Islam, an important aspect of our Come and See programme of study. Children from Reception class, KS1 and KS2 explored many aspects of this faith and enjoyed exploring Muslim beliefs and celebrations.

Towards the end of the school day, we gathered together to share what we had learned.

Class 4 Mining Trip to Beamish

On Thursday 10th May, we had a fantastic trip to Beamish Museum. We took part in a Mining Investigation where we had to decide who we felt was responsible for the death of a young boy who worked at the Pit. We had to interview members of the Mining Pit Village and put the pieces of the puzzle together. We finished by putting the blame on the Mine Deputy! We made sure he lost his job for his crime.

We enjoyed our packed lunches in the park by the Town and then even had time to pop to the Sweet Shop. After this, we became detectives and had to solve a murder that had taken place down at the train station. Excellent questioning from all detectives ensured that we caught the murderer and he was arrested!

Well done Class 4!

28.3.18- Year 1 and 2 Visit to Beamish

What a fantastic day we have had at Beamish today. Our focus was to look at how life has changed from between the 1800’s and 1900’s and today. Beamish is a world famous open air museum, telling the story of life in North East England during the 1820s, 1900s & 1940s.

During our visit we visited the school where the school teacher taught us in typical 1900’s style. We also popped into the local shop, bank and we couldn’t resist the sweet shop before home time.

Class 4 Sport Relief Day

Today we had a thoroughly enjoyable morning taking part in a variety of sporting activities for Sport Relief. We hula-hooped, skipped, threw and danced our way through the morning and had a fabulous time!

Living out our Faith

Class 1 liturgy for the Year of Mary 4.5.18
Showing Humility
During the month of May in particular, we will be thinking about Mary’s humility and the life of Jesus through the eyes of his mother. We think about the important events in both of their lives.
When we pray we ask for Our Lady’s help so that God will know that we are truly sorry for anything that we have done wrong.
Do not be afraid,
God will always love you.
Whatever you have done,
God will always love you.
Holy Mary, Mother fair
Filled with love for God.
Pray for us in our needs,
Pray for us today.

Reception liturgy for the Year of Mary 27.4.18

Annunciation Liturgy
Children in class 1 celebrated the feast of the Annunciation today and reminded us of when Mary said “Yes” to God’s call to be the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We know this story so well- the message of the angel to a young Jewish girl, telling her she was to be the mother of God. Although Mary was worried, she said “Yes” to God’s plan.
We can follow Mary’s example of obedience by choosing the right path and doing what God wants for us.

Whole School Liturgy 29.3.18

Today we celebrated a liturgy that reflected on the Passion of our Lord. We all listened to a reading from the Gospel according to John that described Jesus washing the feet of his disciples before sharing the final Passover meal.
jesus loved his disciples very much and he honoured them right to the end by washing their feet. It is the spirit of love and service of brothers and sisters which is to be the characteristic of the Christian disciple.
We should glory in the cross of Jesus Christ, for he is our salvation, our life and our resurrection. Through Him we are saved and we are made free.

Lent 2018

During Lent, we received a visit from Mr McGee, a friend of ours who volunteers for Cafod. Mr McGee came to talk to the boys and girls about ‘Give it Up’, Cafod’s latest campaign to help make a difference to some of the lives of some of the poorest people in the world.

Mr McGee gave us an A-Z of things we could give up during Lent and donate to Cafod instead. We found out that donating just £1 will provide seeds to grow beans and that £10 will help cultivate a nutritious family vegetable garden.


Class 4/5:
To complete their ‘Sources’ unit in RE, where they have been studying the Bible, the year 5 and 6 children chose a quote from scripture and used it to design their own bookmark. They will be bringing their bookmark home today to use in their Bible, prayer book or reading book at home. We had a wonderful lesson exploring the pieces of scripture that inspire us.
Mrs Saunders

Class 4 – Art – ‘The Scream of Nature’

In Art, Class 4 have been studying the famous painting, ‘The Scream of Nature’ painted by Edvard Munch in 1983 (Pictured left). One of the key parts, (and most fun!) was the Class’ attempts of recreating the famous picture themselves. Have a look at them below, some of them are quite accurate.

Great North Museum Trip

On the 7th December Class 4 visited the Great North Museum to undertake some fascinating workshops to help in their current topic of the ‘Solar System’ the main Workshop the class did was ‘Mission to Mars’ which focussed on space travel and the problems facing current and future astronauts who will spend time in space.

It was an excellent learning experience for the children and great fun too! The children worked in teams before they landed on Mars to decide what would be important to take to the martian surface and what would they need to do when they landed. All in all the children loved the hands on and imaginative aspects of the Workshop.

One Love Event

On Wednesday 28th June, Class 4 went to perform at Whitley Bay Playhouse. We had been rehearsing for many weeks, learning a dance routine and song that encompassed the theme for the show ‘Diversity’.

After much deliberation, we decided on the song ‘Spice Up Your Life’ by the Spice Girls to perform a dance routine to. We loved the lyrics and the energy of this song – particularly ‘Colours of the World, Spice Up Your Life,’ and ‘People of the World, Spice Up Your Life!’  Class 4 worked hard as a class to choreograph the routine, together with Mrs Gibson. We decided we should all dress as different countries and be as bright and vibrant as possible. We even decided we needed pom poms for a bit of extra colour and to bring the party!

For our song, we decided we wanted to share a serious message. Mrs Gibson, Mrs Saunders and Mrs Armatage came up with a piano version and subtle choreography to accompany the lyrics to the song ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aquilera. The children really engaged with this song and although many had never heard it previously, they were able to bring a great deal of emotion and maturity to this special song. It truly was a BEAUTIFUL performance and a definite tear jerker for the audience.

Well done to Class 4 for an incredibly inspiring performance. We are very proud of you!