SMP Art Day – Space!

Today we have held our whole school art day, where each class followed the theme of space art in keeping with the year of space.

Reception used pastels and blended them to create the planets in our solar system and learned a rhyme to remember the names of all of the planets.

Year 1 also used pastels and blended the colours together and enhanced them with glitter to create images of galaxies.

Year 2 focussed on images from the Hubble telescope and used hairdryers as a technique to blow the paint across the paper to create their masterpieces.

Year 3 have done lots of learning about planets throughout the day and used pointillism to create their planets.

Year 4 went on a journey into an unknown solar system and created pictures using pastels and blended the colours to create their new planets.

Year 5/6 used Surat’s technique of pointillism to create space art using various paint and paper clips and cotton buds.

World Space Week 2018

Space week ended with a ‘big bang’ today we saw received all the results of the missions completed by the children over the last 7 days. It also marks the start of our ‘Year of Space’ as we embark on our mission to learn more about Space science, engineering and maths over this academic year.
I have been hugely impressed to see the range of work produced by our children. We have received poems, information posters, research notes, space-related games, artwork, models, pictures and more. It was lovely to see that some children worked as independent researchers to produce fantastic pieces of Science and others were able to collaborate with fellow space explorers at home and present their findings as a team effort!
I am very excited about the work that we hope to do over the next year and will be in touch soon to update you with more Science News!
Thank you, as always, for supporting your children in their learning,
Mrs Saunders
Science Coordinator


Class 1 -Science Day 2018

We had a fantastic day on Science day. We studied the Antarctic and found out so much about it! We started our day by asking questions like Which animals live there?, Where is the Antarctic?, Does anyone live there? We did lots of research throughout the day and answered our questions. We found out that the ice is melting and a lot of the animals will die, so we thought carefully about the habitat that the animals live in and created them a new place to live.

We also found out that if the ice melts, the sea level will rise by 60m, we tried to measure this using ourselves but there wasn’t enough of us!

Another interesting fact that we found out was that even though there is lots of ice in the Antarctic (90% of the ice on Earth), the Antarctic is actually classed as a desert because it hardly ever rains there!


Science Fair

This year’s science fair will take place on the 19th July and will include volcanoes and flux capacitors.