GSSP Dance Festival 2019

Our children joined other schools from around the Gateshead and local area at the annual Gateshead School Sports Partnerships Dance Festival at the Sage Gateshead. The group of 20 children in upper KS2 have been working extremely hard throughout the past few months, practising in their Dance Club in preparation for the Festival.

Their hard work paid off as their performance was absolutely stunning to the audience on the night. We are so very proud of the dance group and have enjoyed watching them progress from learning the steps to mastering the whole routine.

Have a look at the photographs below from the Festival; we can’t wait for the DVDs to be released!


27.06.2018 – Inter-House Competiton:Rounders

Even though our weekly swimming lesson had been cancelled, we still managed to keep fit and have a fun time doing sport this morning. Lead by Mrs Curry we enjoyed an inter-house competition of rounders. The games were super fun and very intense as everyone aimed to do their houses’ proud.

It was a tough call but the scores reflected:

  • 1st. St. Cuthbert
  • 2nd. St. Oswald
  • 3rd. St. Aidan
  • 4th. St. Bede

Congratulations to the House of St. Cuthbert for pulling slightly ahead with a few huge swings! What a lovely day for the competition as well, blue skies and gorgeous sunshine!


KS2 Badminton Club

Classes 1-5 have had a fantastic time this week in their Badminton club. Learning how to hold their racket and practising their relays, volleys and serves. Thankfully the weather kept warm and dry and they had a great time. Places are limited so if you would like to join us then please return the slip as soon as possible. Fingers crossed that the weather stays dry and warm for the rest of the term for our up and coming badminton athletes! We hope the children enjoyed their first session and we hope to see more next week!

KS2 Salsa Classes

What a fantastic start to the KS2 Salsa Classes this afternoon and the start of an amazing journey into spanish dance! This week they began to work on the basic moves of a variety of Spanish dances and enjoyed themselves in a new way to keep themselves fit!

More spaces are available for the KS2 Salsa Classes if you would like to join in on the fun, then please could you contact the school office or, pay via your ParentPay account. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Class 3: Fencing

Class 3 have had an absolutely fantastic time these past few weeks in their P.E Lessons. They’ve been fencing in P.E and have learned a lot of the rules and etiquette of Fencing in such a small space of time. They learned how to lunge, aim, bow, salute and strike a target in such a dextrous sport. Have a look at the pictures below of our potential olympian fencers in action!

To the right, you can see two of our pupils demonstrating the stances and actions they’ve learned during their first few lessons. In the picture, we can see one pupil ‘lunging’ to reach the other pupil to try and score a hit but the other pupil has parried the hit using the hilt of their foil!

On the picture to the left, you can see one of the pupils showing off the correct stance and footwork required at the start of a fencing ‘duel’. This is usually when the two participants would ‘beat’ the tips of the foil against each other trying to get a reaction from their opponent.

Below you can see a group photo of a handful of our fencers in their fencing garb.

27/04/2018 – Sporting Assembly Awards


An amazing week in the sport here at St. Matthew’s! We had huge successes both inside and out of our school, but we celebrate it all the same! We had 11 winners this week!


(Left to right)
Imogen W – Judo,
Phoebe M – Gymnastics
Alex C -Ballet
Ava D – Gymnastics
Sophia C – Gymnastics
Isabelle D – Gymnastics
Rebecca R – Gymnastics
Hannah E – Gymnastics
Georgina C -Swimming
Rosie D – Gymnastics
Sean W – Judo

I’m sure you can join us in congratulating these amazing accomplishments in sport. I’m sure you’ll see more of our budding gymnasts in some of our upcoming events and competitions! Keep your eyes peeled on the newsletter for more details.


25/04/2018 – Athletics Club


Our athletics club has got off to a fantastic start this week, though sadly due to the blustery winds we had to stay indoors but that didn’t stop us from having a fantastic time learning new athletics moves and rules! We learned how to do standing free throws for netball, underarm and overarm throws for shotput and standing long jump for…long jump! It was a great time and we can’t wait for next week.