27.03.2018 – School Council Trip to London 2018

On Tuesday 27th March 2018, our School council had an amazing adventure and opportunity to visit our capital city of London. They visited platform 9 3/4’s from the Harry Potter Films, took a trip on the London Eye, visited the Houses of Parliament and saw the sights of London!

All in all it was a fantastic time, which I’m sure none of them will forget anytime soon! They co-visited with our partner primary school, Sacred Heart and the trip has helped build friendships between the councils which will no doubt flourish when the children move onto St. Thomas More, when their time comes!

Check out the timeline in photographs!


Cheery faces, bright and early for their 6:30am train down to London! Full of energy for the adventure ahead!

The children’s first stop was Platform 9 3/4 from the Harry Potter Films! A magical first stop on a magical journey!



They travelled on the London Underground to reach Green Park and had a fun (and dry!) time exploring the park and surrounding area. They even managed to get some great photographs near Buckingham palace!

Our children had the opportunity to go on the London Eye as well as a truly fantastic ‘4D Experience’ (We know it was amazing but we don’t want to spoil it for you!)

From the London Eye they travelled over to the Houses of Parliament and were lucky enough to be shown around by a guide! They learned about the Suffragette movement, the buildings History and so much more! One of the highlights of their visit to the Houses was being able to meet our very own local MP Mr Guy Opperman! They also got to watch (from a viewing balcony) an actual debate in the House of Commons!

From there they headed back to London Kings Cross (via the ‘tube’) and grabbed some warm Mcdonalds for tea to eat on the train! The children, and staff!, were absolutely exhausted after a fun-filled day!


Class 1 – P.E – Yoga

Yoga lessons have been taking place at St. Matthew’s over the spring term, and we’ve been lucky enough to have an actual Yoga teacher to teach us! The lessons have been such good fun and we have really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere that Yoga brings in for us. Have a look at the pictures below to have a look at some of poses and positions we’ve worked on in our lessons.

We hope we can learn yoga again next term!

Class 1.




20.03.2018 – B Outdoors Day

All of our Classes have had a fantastic time today in their B Outdoors day. We have had Andy from B Outdoors in teaching us Orienteering, team building games and map skills while getting us out and about in the outdoors. Look at these great photographs we have of Class 1 (More to follow soon!) enjoying the decent weather for a change!


Class 1 -Science Day 2018

We had a fantastic day on Science day. We studied the Antarctic and found out so much about it! We started our day by asking questions like Which animals live there?, Where is the Antarctic?, Does anyone live there? We did lots of research throughout the day and answered our questions. We found out that the ice is melting and a lot of the animals will die, so we thought carefully about the habitat that the animals live in and created them a new place to live.

We also found out that if the ice melts, the sea level will rise by 60m, we tried to measure this using ourselves but there wasn’t enough of us!

Another interesting fact that we found out was that even though there is lots of ice in the Antarctic (90% of the ice on Earth), the Antarctic is actually classed as a desert because it hardly ever rains there!


World Book Day 2018

We have had an absolutely fantastic time with World Book Day today. Some of the costumes the children (and staff!) have created and wore have been stunning, have a look at a small selection of some of the outfits!

Class 1 – Fun in the Snow

Even though the School was closed everyone seemed to have such an amazing time out in the snow on their snow days. Have a look at the photos sent in by some of our year 1 parents!

Thank you all so much for showing us that the snow isn’t all bad!

08/02/2018 – Chinese New Year


Not only have we had a fantastic chinese new year menu today, but Class 1 have also a had a brilliant day learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year (which takes place on 16th February). They have enjoyed making Chinese dragons and performing a dragon dance, making Chinese lanterns and sampling some Chinese cuisine.




07/02/2018 – KS1 Athletics Festival



Some of our year 1 and 2 pupils attended the KS1 athletics festival at St.Thomas More on Wednesday 7th February. All of the children really enjoyed taking part alongside our cluster primary schools and loved the dinosaur theme of the events, we certainly have some budding athletes to watch out for in the future. Thank you to all of our parents and grandparents who came along to support the children and a big well done to those who took part, we are very proud of you! (A special mention goes to one of our fantastic sports leader, Matthew who was on hand to offer advice on techniques and supported all of our younger children fantastically).

26/01/2018 – Mr Tobin visit

Class 1 were very lucky to have mr Tobin visit their class today. He came to talk to about the toys that he played with when he was a little boy. The children had prepared questions to ask Mr Tobsin such as “What was your favourite toy?”, “What material was it made from?”. He was very kind and brought in some of his old toy s and let us have a go of them. His favourite toy was his green bike and his toy scotty dog, whom he named ‘Scotty’. Have a look at the some of his toys below, the children had such fun learning and trying them out!

Norman Cornish Day

On Tuesday 20th June 2017, we had a fantastic day studying this painting by Norman Cornish, a pitmen painter.








We worked very hard to create our own versions of the picture.









We really enjoyed re-enacting being people from the picture and miners taking a break!