Class 4 Rememberance Liturgy

Today we commemorated the centenary of the end of World War 1 with a special liturgy lead by Class 4. The children focussed on how love in action, can help to bring peace to our world. Children thought about what peace means to them.

How can we live out our life of love today in our words and actions? Love is an active thing; it requires action. We cannot love others if we ignore them, or fail to support or help them in practical ways.

Rememberance Day – Centenary Celebration

St. Matthew’s Remembers!


As it is the 100 year anniversary of the First World War, St. Matthew’s have tasked themselves in making poppies to brighten up the School in remembrance of those that sacrificed their lives to keep our Country safe during the War.

Thank you all so much for the glass jars, have a look to see the fantastic work the children have used them for:

Children have lovingly made poppies to fill the variously sized jars that were so kindly donated. We then placed tea lights in each one, symbolising each year that has passed since the war ended in 1918. We feel that this has made the celebration extra special, as parents have donated their jars and children have added in their fantastic creations to create a whole-community created celebration!

Have a look at the jars fully arranged and on display for all to see!






Samaritans Purse – Operation Christmas Child

This November, St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School, with the help of the Mini Vinnie’s will be collecting shoe boxes for the ‘Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child’.

The Mini Vinnie’s have been working hard on this project and on Monday they lead an assembly in school to talk about how we can contribute to this cause.

A small shoebox can have a big impact. What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal. We can be a part of changing children’s lives all over the world through the power of a simple gift with Operation Christmas Child and it is a wonderful way to give to those less fortunate than ourselves.

For more information about how to put a shoe box together, please use the following link, (click on get involved)

Shoe-boxes need to be brought into school by Monday 19th November 2018.

World Space Week 2018

Space week ended with a ‘big bang’ today we saw received all the results of the missions completed by the children over the last 7 days. It also marks the start of our ‘Year of Space’ as we embark on our mission to learn more about Space science, engineering and maths over this academic year.
I have been hugely impressed to see the range of work produced by our children. We have received poems, information posters, research notes, space-related games, artwork, models, pictures and more. It was lovely to see that some children worked as independent researchers to produce fantastic pieces of Science and others were able to collaborate with fellow space explorers at home and present their findings as a team effort!
I am very excited about the work that we hope to do over the next year and will be in touch soon to update you with more Science News!
Thank you, as always, for supporting your children in their learning,
Mrs Saunders
Science Coordinator


Class 1’s German Day

St. Matthew’s knows that learning about other cultures can be one of the most rewarding and engaging parts of teaching for children as it can sprout an interest in languages, cooking or adventuring! As part of the European day of languages, Class 1 learnt about the country of Germany on their day and looked at everything to do with German culture. From German cuisine (Which was delicious!), German dogs and even some authentic German clothing (Thank you Mr.P!) The day was fantastic, the children even learnt about the German language and they managed to learn the lyrics to a popular song ‘Baby Shark’ but in German!

Baby Hai by Class 1!

Happy European Languages Day! As part of the celebration, Class 1 have been learning all about German culture, cuisine and clothing! They also learned some of the German language, including the lyrics to a popular song.'Baby Hai' (Baby Shark!)

Posted by St Matthews Catholic Primary School on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Receptions Baking Extravaganza

Reception were hard at work yesterday making a large amount of cakes and treats for the Coffee Afternoon today. Everyone brought in some ingredients and worked together to help make the scrumptious treats for this great cause! Try and grab one of their delicious delicacies today if you’re coming along at 2pm! ( if there’s any left that is!)  A huge thank you to our parent helpers Mrs Taplin, Mrs Burgess and Mrs Clubbs for their cookery expertise and assistance!

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17/07/2018 – KS1 Trip to the Beach

Class 1 & 2 had a fantastic trip to Longsands beach yesterday. They made sandcastles galore and loved jumping in the waves. We found a couple of crabs in the rock pools as well! All in all a fantastic day despite the weather!

What a fantastic end to a fantastic year of school for the Classes!

Have a look at some of the fantastic photographs that were snapped on the day!

27.06.2018 – Inter-House Competiton:Rounders

Even though our weekly swimming lesson had been cancelled, we still managed to keep fit and have a fun time doing sport this morning. Lead by Mrs Curry we enjoyed an inter-house competition of rounders. The games were super fun and very intense as everyone aimed to do their houses’ proud.

It was a tough call but the scores reflected:

  • 1st. St. Cuthbert
  • 2nd. St. Oswald
  • 3rd. St. Aidan
  • 4th. St. Bede

Congratulations to the House of St. Cuthbert for pulling slightly ahead with a few huge swings! What a lovely day for the competition as well, blue skies and gorgeous sunshine!


Trip to St. Mary’s

Captain Hatherley and the merry buccaneers of the Nursery took a voyage down to St. Mary’s Lighthouse on 13th June 2018. They started their adventure on the rocks of St. Marys wear they went rockpooling, exploring and were even lucky enough to see some seals who were sleeping and loafing around near the lighthouse! Later in the day the crew set sail for Longsands and enjoyed an afternoon of building sandcastles, splashing in the water and playing lots of fun games! The crew were hungry after all the fun and games of adventuring so sat down with an ice cream and their packed lunches in the glorious weather of the Summer-like afternoon!

A huge thank you to all the parents who joined our crew on the day and we hope you enjoyed the day as much as your children did! Have a look at some of the fantastic photographs we snapped on the day!





Art Day 2018

Throughout the school, we’ve been getting messy and creative! From finger painting to paper craft the children have worked their socks off to create their very own masterpieces this afternoon. This all follows the homework they were set to research the classes chosen artist: Van Gogh, Money, Picasso, Picasso, Dali & Seurat were among the fascinating individuals chosen for the day. Have a look at our artists in action, who knows perhaps one of them will be worth a fortune one day as a ‘Before they were famous’ painting?