Year 6 Geography – Enviroment Awareness

Our year 6 pupils have been inspired by the actions of Greta Thunberg in her desire to raise awareness of the need for action against climate change. As part of our Geography topic this term, they chose to write a one-minute speech or prepare a poster to highlight the importance of this issue. Have a listen@

You may be hearing more from year 6 over the term as they study the power of Argument, Persuasion and Protest in our English and Music lessons… 😉

Nursery Easter Egg Hunt

Reception and Nursery had a wonderful but windy morning on Tuesday 2nd April 2019. The children joined together with a multitude of their parents and enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt set up by our lovely Nursery Staff. The children explored Highfield Park throughout the morning in search of hidden delicious easter eggs! Have a look at the fantastic pictures below!

GSSP Dance Festival 2019

Our children joined other schools from around the Gateshead and local area at the annual Gateshead School Sports Partnerships Dance Festival at the Sage Gateshead. The group of 20 children in upper KS2 have been working extremely hard throughout the past few months, practising in their Dance Club in preparation for the Festival.

Their hard work paid off as their performance was absolutely stunning to the audience on the night. We are so very proud of the dance group and have enjoyed watching them progress from learning the steps to mastering the whole routine.

Have a look at the photographs below from the Festival; we can’t wait for the DVDs to be released!


‘Silence in the Pod’ @ the Spetchells

Throughout the course of today (Tuesday 19th March 2019) classes took it in turns to visit the Spetchells Centre from Reception to Year 4, the children walked down with impeccable behaviour (And a huge thank you to our parent helpers throughout the school for your help!) and then when down at the library, the children listened to a reading of an age-appropriate book while children took it in turns to visit the ‘Pod’ a quiet reading space with the option of audible books using headphones to not disturb other readers. The children had a fantastic time reading while they waited and some even found a new favourite book!

SMP Art Day – Space!

Today we have held our whole school art day, where each class followed the theme of space art in keeping with the year of space.

Reception used pastels and blended them to create the planets in our solar system and learned a rhyme to remember the names of all of the planets.

Year 1 also used pastels and blended the colours together and enhanced them with glitter to create images of galaxies.

Year 2 focussed on images from the Hubble telescope and used hairdryers as a technique to blow the paint across the paper to create their masterpieces.

Year 3 have done lots of learning about planets throughout the day and used pointillism to create their planets.

Year 4 went on a journey into an unknown solar system and created pictures using pastels and blended the colours to create their new planets.

Year 5/6 used Surat’s technique of pointillism to create space art using various paint and paper clips and cotton buds.

Race for Life 2019 – Results

On Friday 5th February 2019, St. Matthew’s held a Race for Life in support of Cancer Research UK. Despite the chilly winds and blizzardlike snow, the Race continued as normal and we even managed to set up our P. A system and microphone, despite the weather!

The children and participating adults had a fantastic time running in support of Cancer patients around the world and onlookers supported their children with gusto!

Check out the below video:

On the warmer side of things, in total, we raised a fantstic: £1420 through our just giving page. On top of this we received £270 extra through gift aid, and at least £300 in cash, fundraised by you, the parents! So a grand total of approximately £2000! Which is absolutely fantastic for our Small School to be able to give a large impact to the children

Race for Life 2019

Arrangements have been made for our School and Nursery to run their very own Race for Life in support of Cancer Research UK. A fantastic cause that affects so many of us both directly and indirectly through our lives, and we hope to support their research so more people can get better chances of survival from Cancer.

The race itself has been arranged for Friday 1st February 2019, and the timings are as follows:

• For our Nursery: Race begins at 9am and should finish at approximately 9:25!
• For School: Race begins at 9:30 (approx.) and should finish by 11am at the latest.

Please feel free to come along and support your child/ren (or even take part in the race!)

If you would like to join in our fundraising, then please see the donation link: here

Thank you so much!

Class 4 Rememberance Liturgy

Today we commemorated the centenary of the end of World War 1 with a special liturgy lead by Class 4. The children focussed on how love in action, can help to bring peace to our world. Children thought about what peace means to them.

How can we live out our life of love today in our words and actions? Love is an active thing; it requires action. We cannot love others if we ignore them, or fail to support or help them in practical ways.

Rememberance Day – Centenary Celebration

St. Matthew’s Remembers!


As it is the 100 year anniversary of the First World War, St. Matthew’s have tasked themselves in making poppies to brighten up the School in remembrance of those that sacrificed their lives to keep our Country safe during the War.

Thank you all so much for the glass jars, have a look to see the fantastic work the children have used them for:

Children have lovingly made poppies to fill the variously sized jars that were so kindly donated. We then placed tea lights in each one, symbolising each year that has passed since the war ended in 1918. We feel that this has made the celebration extra special, as parents have donated their jars and children have added in their fantastic creations to create a whole-community created celebration!

Have a look at the jars fully arranged and on display for all to see!