At St Matthews, we strongly believe that every child can succeed at Maths. Our teachers are experienced and trained in delivering a ‘mastery curriculum’ for all pupils.

We strive to keep each class together, working at the same level by using ‘same day interventions’ for those children who have struggled with a particular concept. For children who have grasped a concept rapidly, they will be further challenged through breadth and depth within that objective, as opposed to moving on to the next.

Throughout every Maths topic, we endeavour to provide a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to teaching and learning. This following extract is taken from the White Rose Maths Hub:

Concrete – Children should have the opportunity to use concrete objects to help them understand what they are doing.

Pictorial – Children can then build on this previous step by using pictorial representations which can be used to help with reasoning and problem solving questions.

Abstract – With the foundations firmly laid, children should be able to work without the able support using numbers and key concepts with confidence.

This year at St Matthews, we have had a real push forwards to ensuring that every child has been exposed to a range of reasoning and problem solving activities. These can come in many forms.

You can also find the Long Term Plan for each Class at the bottom of this page, in addition to a more detailed explanation for how we achieve mastery for all ages and abilities at St Matthews.

Useful Documents

To see each individual class’ topics for mathematics this year, please have a look at the relevant class’ ‘Long Term Plan’ below, all documents are PDF and should open on most devices.