Sport Premium

St Matthew’s recognises the impact that P.E has to the well-being and health of our children. Our school believes that a varied and interesting PE curriculum can really help our children into performing and engaging more in both PE and it helps with their academic achievement in other subjects around our school.

The Primary School Sport’s Funding enables us to continue and explore new sport to help inspire our children into becoming the Olympians and athletes of tomorrow. We hire in experienced and talented sports professionals who help train up and teach our staff into delivering the best P.E lessons we can.

The Department for Education has an excellent page about the Sports funding, which can be found here.

What is the Primary Sports Premium?

The government has increased its funding into schools around the entire country be a total of £150 million per year to provide substantial benefit to primary school sport. The funding is managed jointly by the Department for Education and Healthy and Culture. The money will go directly to schools to allow them to improve the wellbeing and sport curriculum throughout their school.

As at September 2017, the government announced the initiative to double the amount of money that schools will receive for the academic year. For the 2017-18 academic years, schools will receive £16000 plus £10 per pupil on roll. Impact is tracked throughout the year by our P.E coordinator and the full impact and expenditure of our own grant is published yearly.

Purpose of the Funding

Schools have to decide on what they wish to spend their school sport grant on, this is covered by guidelines published by the DfE. The current guidelines state that schools can spend money on:

  • Hiring qualified sports coaches to help inspire and improve our own schools sport teaching capabilities.
  • Funding for professional development opportunities throughout the year.
  • Increasing participation in external competitions and events. I.e. Dance Festivals, rugby tournaments etc.
  • Providing cover teachers and supervisors when teachers attend CPD or events with our children.
  • Purchase of high quality P.E equipment to help bolster the teaching efforts of our P.E Staff.
Impact of the Funding

St Matthew’s prides itself on being transparent on it’s expenditure and impact of it’s Sports premium. Please see the links below to read about the effect our sports premium has on our school: