Let’s Get Cooking!

After submitting a bid, St Matthew’s Catholic School were accepted into the government ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ initiative. This government funded programme awarded the school with £2500 over 3 years which enabled us to set up a school cookery club as well as enhancing the food technology curriculum in school. We used the funding extremely effectively to purchase essential cookery equipment such as mini cookers, trolleys, utensils, electrical equipment, aprons and now we have 3 fantastic portable cooking work stations which are used frequently throughout the school.

Below are a few examples of how St Matthew’s have embraced the Cookery initiative:

• Food technology has become a fundamental, frequent addition to our whole school curriculum
• All children are taught basic cookery techniques
• All children are taught how to be safe in the kitchen and around food
• The Food in school programme supports our ‘Enhanced Healthy Schools’ Status
• Community Cookery – we have prepared food for community events such as school fairs
• World Food Day Event – we have supported World Food Day by running whole school cooking demonstrations and taste sessions where parents were invited
• Sports Days – we prepared tasty, healthy, energy boosting snacks to give to the children during the events

Phunky Foods

We are working alongside the Phunky foods programme to promote healthy lifestyles within our school. during a recent parents evening we had a Phunky foods coordinator visit our school to allow parents and pupils to sample food, share recipes and promote healthy eating. We are hoping to set up a Phunky foods workshop alongside our change4life club this academic year to allow pupils to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding about the various food groups and the benefits of healthy eating.