Art Day 2018

Throughout the school, we’ve been getting messy and creative! From finger painting to paper craft the children have worked their socks off to create their very own masterpieces this afternoon. This all follows the homework they were set to research the classes chosen artist: Van Gogh, Money, Picasso, Picasso, Dali & Seurat were among the fascinating individuals chosen for the day. Have a look at our artists in action, who knows perhaps one of them will be worth a fortune one day as a ‘Before they were famous’ painting?

27.03.2018 – School Council Trip to London 2018

On Tuesday 27th March 2018, our School council had an amazing adventure and opportunity to visit our capital city of London. They visited platform 9 3/4’s from the Harry Potter Films, took a trip on the London Eye, visited the Houses of Parliament and saw the sights of London!

All in all it was a fantastic time, which I’m sure none of them will forget anytime soon! They co-visited with our partner primary school, Sacred Heart and the trip has helped build friendships between the councils which will no doubt flourish when the children move onto St. Thomas More, when their time comes!

Check out the timeline in photographs!


Cheery faces, bright and early for their 6:30am train down to London! Full of energy for the adventure ahead!

The children’s first stop was Platform 9 3/4 from the Harry Potter Films! A magical first stop on a magical journey!



They travelled on the London Underground to reach Green Park and had a fun (and dry!) time exploring the park and surrounding area. They even managed to get some great photographs near Buckingham palace!

Our children had the opportunity to go on the London Eye as well as a truly fantastic ‘4D Experience’ (We know it was amazing but we don’t want to spoil it for you!)

From the London Eye they travelled over to the Houses of Parliament and were lucky enough to be shown around by a guide! They learned about the Suffragette movement, the buildings History and so much more! One of the highlights of their visit to the Houses was being able to meet our very own local MP Mr Guy Opperman! They also got to watch (from a viewing balcony) an actual debate in the House of Commons!

From there they headed back to London Kings Cross (via the ‘tube’) and grabbed some warm Mcdonalds for tea to eat on the train! The children, and staff!, were absolutely exhausted after a fun-filled day!


Reception – Fun in the Snow (days!)

Thank you all so much for sending in your photographs during the snow days for the various challenges set, we hope you enjoyed the activities as much as we enjoyed the photographs!

Baking – What amazing bakers we have in our reception class, don’t they all look delicious!

Sledging – You all made the cold look like so much fun!

Snowmen – Look at these imaginative creations, from big to small to upside down! Fantastic!

Writing and Snow Dogs – We can all agree that dogs love the snow so these days are always enjoyed by our furry friends!


World Book Day 2018

We have had an absolutely fantastic time with World Book Day today. Some of the costumes the children (and staff!) have created and wore have been stunning, have a look at a small selection of some of the outfits!

What we have been up to: January 2018

Have a look at some of the amazing things we’ve been up to here in Reception this January:


We created a puppet show and showed everyone some great adventures!











We held a liturgy for the Year of Mary, Mother of God.








We had a chance to play some amazing and interesting instruments with Mr Tobin.









 We made our own books as part of our work on Traditional Tales.

What have we been up to: November 2017


As work has begun in our garden we have not been able to get outdoors but this has not stopped us.

As a whole school we had a Judaism Day. Our class focussed on Hanukkah. We learned a Jewish dance used at special celebrations. We performed our dance at the end of the day for the whole school. We also made Hanukkias and could tell the story behind them
Remembrance Liturgy


We celebrated Remembrance Day by having a special Liturgy. We invited Sargent Wallace in for a special show and tell. He told us about service men and women and why how we remember them. He also taught us to march (a little better than we already do). We performed a special song “Light a candle for Peace” and performed a Liturgy for our parents and the whole school. We made poppies and drew pictures of poppies in Flanders field. We made a special poppy wreath and Sargent Wallace took it and lay it on the War Memorial at Bishop Auckland.
Shapes, shapes everywhere

This month we have been looking at shapes in our environments, whilst measuring we also discovered that we could become shapes ourselves.

We have been measuring with string and then rulers and discovered that some of us are taller than others.

As part of our shapes we looked at Kandinsky and discovered that he loved circles we made a new display in the main hall using different sized circles and contrasting colours. We had to really concentrate when we were cutting the circles out and then shared different colours with our friends.

Once Upon a Time

We have revamped our book area into a magical Once Upon a Time area. We have written book reviews about our favourite books.


14/11/2017 – Reception’s New Display


Reception have started on their new display piece for the school hall! They’re using what they’ve learned in their Expressive Art and Design lessons to create this lovely display that is absolutely fantastic to look at. If you ever get a chance, do pop in and have a look!

Every single one of the children worked exceptionally hard in cutting and designing their shapes for the board, each of the children designed their own coloured piece of fruit for the tree!


In their art lessons the children have been learning about the Russian artist ‘Wassaily Kandinsky’ who did many amazing pieces of artwork during his life, one such art piece was his famous ‘Kandinsky’s Circles’ (Pictured: Left) which has proven to be quite the inspiration for our Reception Class and their new display!

What have we been up to: October 2017



We have been looking at patterns with 3 aspects to them, we went outside to do this and working with partners to complete this.

Our favourite books have been Stickman and Room on a broom.

We collected sticks of all different sizes and made Stickmen in the garden and inside.
This month we invited our parents and grandparents to “Come Dine with me” for Spanish Tapas. We made Spanish flags and decorations for the hall.

Everyone had a super time and thought our Spanish themed day was wonderful and when was the next one.
Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere……….we loved scooping the flesh from inside the pumpkin and playing in our creative area with it. We used the seeds for counting and got upto 100.

Some of us used knives to cut the flesh and made delicious pumpkin soup for snack.
As part of our Halloween topic we have been reading Funny Bones. We loved this story and Ben suggested that we could make our own Funny bones. We collected toilet tubes and managed to make our very own funny bones .

What have we been up to: September 2017

Learning outdoors……

Nature walk – we joined nursery and used our nature bags to collect sticks, leaves,berries and other items for our nature display.

Digging up the potatoes we planted in nursery. When we had collected all of the potatoes we took them inside and examined them with our magnifying glasses. We then washed and cooked and had a scrummy snack.

In maths we looked at patterns then went outside and made different patterns using water

Phonics – we have been looking at letter formation and writing our names. We used chalks to draw our names then make them disappear by tracing over them with water.

As a class we went celebrate mass at Our Lady and St Cuthbert’s church. Father Michael showed us the altar and the baptismal as this is what we have been looking at during R.E.

We celebrated our first Liturgy at a unit and invited nursery to join us. We set up a focal point by bringing material, a bible, a candle ,a cross and a statue of Our Lady. This allows us to focus whist we say some prayers and sing some songs. Our favourite song is “I special” by John Burland.





Whats on in Reception!

Down in Reception we’re always keeping busy, check back regularly on our Class Blog to see more photos of us hard at work!- ~Mrs P Hatherley