Class 4 – Basketball

Class 4 enjoyed a sunny basketball lesson with their coach Kelly today. We learnt skills of dribbling and finished with a penalty shoot out. Well done to Murray, Kaden, Zara and Lewis who all scored from quite a distance!

06/02/2018 – Child Led Liturgy

In class we have had a though provoking liturgy and RE lesson. We started with a PowerPoint led Liturgy prepared by Yasmin, Rebecca and Oliver and then we shared with each other what we were the most thankful for.

Class 4 – Yoga

The children enjoyed a relaxing and tranquil experience of Yoga in their P.E lesson on Tuesday. The children learned a variety of poses and the technique of being so flexible.  They then ended the session with a relaxing position. You could have heard a pin drop in the hall while the yoga session was on, the chidlren gave it their all!

15/11/2017 – KS2 Multi Skills Festival

A group of Year 5 and 6 children took part in a Multi Skills Festival on the 15th November 2017 down at St Thomas More, Blaydon. They competed in a variety of sporting events with other year 6s from other feeder schools in the area, they competed in a variety of Relay events, lap events and some track events.

The children absolutely loved the event and they were fantastic in the sports themselves. Just look at the smiling faces above in the Team Photo. Here’s looking forward for our current Year 5’s taking part next year as well!

‘It was lovely to visit STM and take part in the indoor sports challenge with other year 5 and 6 children from our cluster schools. The team were fantastic in both behaviour and attitude. They really enjoyed it and the atmosphere was great. We came fourth overall. There were some outstanding performances from our team, particularly in the field events and relays. Well done St Matthew’s!’ – Mrs M Saunders, Class Teacher

15/11/2017 – Virtual Reality Rollercoaster

Class 4 have had such great fun in Class today, they’ve all had a chance to experience ‘Virtual Reality’ using the devices attached to their head and a mobile phone. They downloaded an app on a phone and they got to ride a virtual rollercoaster as if they were actually there themselves. It wasn’t just for fun though! The children are using this experience to help them in their creative and descriptive writing in their English work. Have a look at the smiling faces in the photos below.

They used an app called ‘Space Coaster – Destroy the Drones!’ which both throws the children straight onto a VR roller coaster but keeps it even more interactive as it’s also a game where you score points! Some of the children got quite competitive!

Year 5 and 6’s Trip to Church

Our Year 5 and 6 children visited ‘Our Lady and St Cuthberts’ on the 3rd November 2017. The children attended Mass and even got the opportunity to interview Fr Michael about his role as a Parish Priest as well as what it entails to be a Priest. The children loved it asked so many great questions! This is really going to help them in their current RE topic! Look at the cheery faces in the ‘mini-gallery’ below. Lucy, Matthew and Fintan even helped out in the morning Mass!


End of Year Poetry




Take One Picture Day

We have really enjoyed ‘Take One Picture Day.’ We studied the work of Norman Cornish, a famous pitman painter who worked down the mines but who also dabbled in some wonderful artwork. We have tried to recreate his painting of the pitmen on the way to the mines. We think our work is pretty wonderful… What do you think?


Year 5 Residential to Weardale

Our class went on a residential to Weardale on the 22nd May. We completed a lot of fun activities and tasks. These were the activities: Canoeing, Rock-climbing, Gorge Walking and High Ropes. It was all amazing! The food was lovely and it was one of my favourite trips so far!

For me, my favourite activity was High Ropes. There were activities we had to climb up. The first one I did was called ‘Jacob’s Ladder.’ It was a ladder of logs which kept getting further apart! It was hard but also very fun. The second was walking p a log which was about 10 long. This was also extremely fun, especially at the end when we were lowered down on a zip wire!

On Wednesday 24th May we were picked up and brought back to school. It was all really fun and I’m happy I decided to go.

Zuzia H


Our residential to Weardale was extremely fun and included the following activities: High Ropes, Camp Fire, Gorge Walking, Canoeing, Rock-climbing and Nightline. I loved them all! The rooms were very nice and the food was lovely. The instructors were also quite kind.

For me, my favourite activity, well I can’t decide! The Gorge Walk was cool because we stood under a waterfall, did a 8ft jump crawled under a waterfall (not the same waterfall), scrambled through a cave to get there, did a backward slide and abseiled down another waterfall!

In canoeing, we had races and had a massive water fight at the end! We also capsized some boats. Canoeing and gorge walking were my favourite main activities, along with rock-climbing where I got to the top of all three walls!

On the night-line, we got blindfolded and led through some tricky obstacles including tyres, a wooden box (much trickier than it sounds), rocks and more tyres.

The high-ropes, which included Jacob’s ladder, lead of faith and walking up a log (which was about 10m long) were great fun. Jacob’s ladder and leap of faith were my favourite.

While the camp fire was going in the evening, we used flint and steel to light cotton wool, which was quite fun.

I loved going there and would really like to go again.

Matthew S