This week in Class 3

Class 3 have had a fantastic time this week in all of their lessons, have a look at some of the work they have been doing..

In maths we’ve been looking at currency and have been using them to help us remember and do calculations!




In English we’ve been reading ‘The Iron Man’ and so as a final part of our lessons we have dedicated to building our very own Iron Man! Have a look at our Iron Man below!





Mr Patterson brought in his Keyboard for our lessons in music this week, we’ve had grat fun following along his tunes and listening to him play as we learned how to play the xylophone.




And in Science we have been learning about Soil, and how it can look the same but be very different when looked at with a magnifying glass.

Haikus, Tankas and Cinquains – poems by Class 3

In Class 3 we have been looking at different forms of poetry.

Haikus have 3 lines. On line one there are 5 syllables,on line two there are 7 syllables and on line 3 there are 5 syllables.

Tankas have a 5,7,5,7,7 syllable pattern

Cinquains are more difficult. They have a 2,4,6,8,2 syllable pattern. The first line should be one two syllable noun. Line two should be two adjectives. Line 3 should be three verbs. Line four should tell a bit more about the subject and the last line should be a synonym.

Here are some of our poems.


The apples are red                                                The white snow is cold

The sky is beautiful blue                                        The trees are white and frosty

It is very nice  –                                                      Everything is still

Alfie                                                                         Chloe


The waves are massive                                        Very rainy day

Millions of great big waves                                    Children playing in the rain

Sea is really deep                                                  Having lots of fun

Louis                                                                   Amelia


It was a warm day

The weather was beautiful

Lovely bright green trees

Katie T                                                                 


The big orange trees                                       The squirrel climbs high

Are reflecting to the sea                                  With a peanut in his mouth

in the warm Autumn                                        To his family

Kelsie                                                              Rio


Lighthhouse standing tall

Waves crashing against rocks

Thundering loudly




A summer river                                                  The orange duck slides

Where the trees shine on water                         He says “ouch” duck gets back up

Animals drinking                                                Duck gets in the pond

Bears hiding in woods, sleeping                        Duck starts dancing and sliding

All is peaceful, no loud noise                             Night night duck sleep tight, dream big

Ruby                                                                Ava


Oh dear I am dumb                                               The sky is cloudy

I dropped my nut down the tree                             The waves crash against the rocks

AHH!! I fell down the tree too                                 The man is watching

Think I broke my leg                                               The trees blow against the wind

Please take me to the vets – Please!                      The waves are going to flood

Rebecca                                                                 Hannah


Up in the tree                                                         One icy morning

Oops,Big Nutty drops the nut                                  Icicles hanging from trees

Oh no the branch snaps                                         They look so frosty

Big Nutty falls out of the tree                                  They all swing from side to side

And was never seen again                                     They all look like cool crystals

Luca                                                                       Ella


A lonely robin                                                           Halloween is here

Flying in a cold forest                                              All of us will celebrate

Looking out for food                                                And you can dress up

Icy trees trees too cold to land                                You can have lots of candy

Suddenly I find some food                                      Plus you can stay up late

Sean                                                                      Emma


The nice clear blue sky

the water reflects the trees

the beautiful leaves

but the trees are very tall

the water is very clear

Katie R


Football                                                         Cheetah

Don’t hold the ball                                           Spotty, yellow

kicking, striking, scoring,                                speeding, glaring, staring,

fun to play the game any day                        hiding behind trees from hunters

football                                                         cheetahs

Rio                                                                      Zara


Birthdays                                                           Lego

Sugar rush here                                           fun, cool, amazing

Cake, cookies, chocolate milk                      building, playing, awesome

Coloured balloons for all children                   amazing models to build with

Presents                                                           Lego

Sophia                                                                    Evan


Easter                                                                  Squirrel

Holiday time                                                          red, grey, fluffy

caring, sharing, loving                                            climbing, hunting, eating

celebrating with my family                                  feeling hungry searching for food

Easter                                                                   Squirrel

Murray                                                                              Benn


Pumpkin                                                               Squirrel

big and orange                                                    fluffy, hungry

growing, rounded, rolling                                     climbing, eating, hungry

getting ready for halloween                             feeling lost looking for shelter

Pumpkins                                                        Squirrel

Sophie                                                                   James L.



strong and fierce

running, jumping, pouncing

slow, scary and very harmful


James H



What’s happening in Class 3

This week we have had a lot of fun.

On Thursday we danced all day for Comic Relief. 011File_000

Today we are taking part in a Boccia tournament.

Next week is assessment week. We all need to be rested and ready. In between assessments we will be doing some Easter themed art for a competition. Look out for our display.

Every week one of our class will write a blog to tell you what  has been been going on in class.