27.06.2018 – Inter-House Competiton:Rounders

Even though our weekly swimming lesson had been cancelled, we still managed to keep fit and have a fun time doing sport this morning. Lead by Mrs Curry we enjoyed an inter-house competition of rounders. The games were super fun and very intense as everyone aimed to do their houses’ proud.

It was a tough call but the scores reflected:

  • 1st. St. Cuthbert
  • 2nd. St. Oswald
  • 3rd. St. Aidan
  • 4th. St. Bede

Congratulations to the House of St. Cuthbert for pulling slightly ahead with a few huge swings! What a lovely day for the competition as well, blue skies and gorgeous sunshine!


Art Day 2018

Throughout the school, we’ve been getting messy and creative! From finger painting to paper craft the children have worked their socks off to create their very own masterpieces this afternoon. This all follows the homework they were set to research the classes chosen artist: Van Gogh, Money, Picasso, Picasso, Dali & Seurat were among the fascinating individuals chosen for the day. Have a look at our artists in action, who knows perhaps one of them will be worth a fortune one day as a ‘Before they were famous’ painting?

Class 3: Be Outdoors Day

Class 3 have had an amazing time out in the Sunshine for their Be Outdoors Day on Thursday 18th May 2018. The children spent most of the day out in the warm summers day and kept themselves very busy! The children collected flowers, grass and rocks to create fascinating pictures of the sunny meadows or whatever they could imagine! They went on a species hunt and searched for and identified various animals and insects in and around our School Grounds and finally, they got back to mathematics and measured the perimeter of the schoolyard!

KS2 Salsa Classes

What a fantastic start to the KS2 Salsa Classes this afternoon and the start of an amazing journey into spanish dance! This week they began to work on the basic moves of a variety of Spanish dances and enjoyed themselves in a new way to keep themselves fit!

More spaces are available for the KS2 Salsa Classes if you would like to join in on the fun, then please could you contact the school office or, pay via your ParentPay account. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Class 3: Trip to Vindolanda

On the 26th April 2018, Class 3 visited both Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. They had an absolutely fantastic time despite the cold weather and there was fascinated listeners all throughout the journey. The visit itself has really helped the children get a grasp of Roman History here in Britain and coincides nicely with their current topic in History. Have a look at some of the great photographs captured on the day.

Their trip started off at Vindolanda, an old Roman pre-Hadrian site along Hadrians Wall. It encompasses a huge archaeological site and digs which the children got to watch it happen…live! They were allowed to ask questions to the tour guide and were even able to hold some of the more recently discovered finds. Apart from the weather, it was a great experience to watch history unfold in real time!

After they were out and about at the dig they were able to visit and view the Vindolanda Museum, a collection of the artefacts unearthed by their volunteer archaeologists at the dig site. Have a look at the Vindolanda Website to see some great photographs of the display cases. It was fascinating to see the progression of finds during the years of work done at Vindolanda. Their website can be found here: link

After some lunch, they got shipped over to the Roman Army Museum via a coach and spent the afternoon there. They had a great time looking over artefacts on the afternoon along with the tour guide who was able to answer all the children’s questions with ease. We really hope the children enjoyed their time down at Vindolanda & the Roman Army Museum!

Class 3: Fencing

Class 3 have had an absolutely fantastic time these past few weeks in their P.E Lessons. They’ve been fencing in P.E and have learned a lot of the rules and etiquette of Fencing in such a small space of time. They learned how to lunge, aim, bow, salute and strike a target in such a dextrous sport. Have a look at the pictures below of our potential olympian fencers in action!

To the right, you can see two of our pupils demonstrating the stances and actions they’ve learned during their first few lessons. In the picture, we can see one pupil ‘lunging’ to reach the other pupil to try and score a hit but the other pupil has parried the hit using the hilt of their foil!

On the picture to the left, you can see one of the pupils showing off the correct stance and footwork required at the start of a fencing ‘duel’. This is usually when the two participants would ‘beat’ the tips of the foil against each other trying to get a reaction from their opponent.

Below you can see a group photo of a handful of our fencers in their fencing garb.

27.03.2018 – School Council Trip to London 2018

On Tuesday 27th March 2018, our School council had an amazing adventure and opportunity to visit our capital city of London. They visited platform 9 3/4’s from the Harry Potter Films, took a trip on the London Eye, visited the Houses of Parliament and saw the sights of London!

All in all it was a fantastic time, which I’m sure none of them will forget anytime soon! They co-visited with our partner primary school, Sacred Heart and the trip has helped build friendships between the councils which will no doubt flourish when the children move onto St. Thomas More, when their time comes!

Check out the timeline in photographs!


Cheery faces, bright and early for their 6:30am train down to London! Full of energy for the adventure ahead!

The children’s first stop was Platform 9 3/4 from the Harry Potter Films! A magical first stop on a magical journey!



They travelled on the London Underground to reach Green Park and had a fun (and dry!) time exploring the park and surrounding area. They even managed to get some great photographs near Buckingham palace!

Our children had the opportunity to go on the London Eye as well as a truly fantastic ‘4D Experience’ (We know it was amazing but we don’t want to spoil it for you!)

From the London Eye they travelled over to the Houses of Parliament and were lucky enough to be shown around by a guide! They learned about the Suffragette movement, the buildings History and so much more! One of the highlights of their visit to the Houses was being able to meet our very own local MP Mr Guy Opperman! They also got to watch (from a viewing balcony) an actual debate in the House of Commons!

From there they headed back to London Kings Cross (via the ‘tube’) and grabbed some warm Mcdonalds for tea to eat on the train! The children, and staff!, were absolutely exhausted after a fun-filled day!


GSSP – Dance Festival 2018


St. Matthew’s Dance Festival Group had a great time participating and practising for the Gateshead School Sports Partnerships annual Dance Festival. With this year’s theme being ‘Films and Musicals’, we chose a delightful song from the 2003 film, Honey, Yolanda Adam’s ‘I Believe’, which supports our school’s Growth Mindset approach about not giving up and that we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it! The children flourished with the song and became captivated by it over the many weeks of practising, they’ve worked fantastically hard and we are all very proud of their hard work and efforts.

The fruit of their hard work has been the Dance Festival itself, our children gave a flawless performance at the Sage, Gateshead in front of a sold out crowd! We are so very proud of everyone who participated! Have a look at the small gallery below, and watch out for the DVD that should hopefully be coming out soon!

As well as the great performance at the Sage, one of our very own dancers was lucky enough to win the design competition for the Programme cover of the Dance Festival. Yasmin G (Class 5) had a truly unique design based on the theme of musicals this year and her design was the forefront of the festivals media. She was awarded a family ticket to the opening show of the ‘Disney on Ice’ for her hard work and was presented with a large copy of her design and a t-shirt featuring her design, which was worn by the organising crew at the show.

World Book Day 2018

We have had an absolutely fantastic time with World Book Day today. Some of the costumes the children (and staff!) have created and wore have been stunning, have a look at a small selection of some of the outfits!

This week in Class 3

Class 3 have had a fantastic time this week in all of their lessons, have a look at some of the work they have been doing..

In maths we’ve been looking at currency and have been using them to help us remember and do calculations!




In English we’ve been reading ‘The Iron Man’ and so as a final part of our lessons we have dedicated to building our very own Iron Man! Have a look at our Iron Man below!





Mr Patterson brought in his Keyboard for our lessons in music this week, we’ve had grat fun following along his tunes and listening to him play as we learned how to play the xylophone.




And in Science we have been learning about Soil, and how it can look the same but be very different when looked at with a magnifying glass.