17/07/2018 – KS1 Trip to the Beach

Class 1 & 2 had a fantastic trip to Longsands beach yesterday. They made sandcastles galore and loved jumping in the waves. We found a couple of crabs in the rock pools as well! All in all a fantastic day despite the weather!

What a fantastic end to a fantastic year of school for the Classes!

Have a look at some of the fantastic photographs that were snapped on the day!

27.06.2018 – Inter-House Competiton:Rounders

Even though our weekly swimming lesson had been cancelled, we still managed to keep fit and have a fun time doing sport this morning. Lead by Mrs Curry we enjoyed an inter-house competition of rounders. The games were super fun and very intense as everyone aimed to do their houses’ proud.

It was a tough call but the scores reflected:

  • 1st. St. Cuthbert
  • 2nd. St. Oswald
  • 3rd. St. Aidan
  • 4th. St. Bede

Congratulations to the House of St. Cuthbert for pulling slightly ahead with a few huge swings! What a lovely day for the competition as well, blue skies and gorgeous sunshine!


Trip to St. Mary’s

Captain Hatherley and the merry buccaneers of the Nursery took a voyage down to St. Mary’s Lighthouse on 13th June 2018. They started their adventure on the rocks of St. Marys wear they went rockpooling, exploring and were even lucky enough to see some seals who were sleeping and loafing around near the lighthouse! Later in the day the crew set sail for Longsands and enjoyed an afternoon of building sandcastles, splashing in the water and playing lots of fun games! The crew were hungry after all the fun and games of adventuring so sat down with an ice cream and their packed lunches in the glorious weather of the Summer-like afternoon!

A huge thank you to all the parents who joined our crew on the day and we hope you enjoyed the day as much as your children did! Have a look at some of the fantastic photographs we snapped on the day!





Art Day 2018

Throughout the school, we’ve been getting messy and creative! From finger painting to paper craft the children have worked their socks off to create their very own masterpieces this afternoon. This all follows the homework they were set to research the classes chosen artist: Van Gogh, Money, Picasso, Picasso, Dali & Seurat were among the fascinating individuals chosen for the day. Have a look at our artists in action, who knows perhaps one of them will be worth a fortune one day as a ‘Before they were famous’ painting?

Class 5: Buoyancy Lessons

Class 5 have had a fantastic time this week with a special guest visit from a Sea Cadet and Buoyancy Engineer, Sally Wilkinson. She demonstrated and explained all the vital parts of testing the buoyancy and strength of boats. She lead the children in experiments using marbles and plastic containers to test the weight limit of children’s boats using tubs of water. It was a fascinating and interesting lesson to watch and the children learned a huge amount from the visit. Thank you, Sally, for visiting us, we hope you can come back soon with more interesting experiments and lessons!

Class 5: Nature Garden

Thanks to Mrs Christer, we have two new additions to our nature garden: a seed feeder and a bird bath. We’re hoping they will keep our visitors happy and well fed. We’ve had 23 species of bird visit our garden since Mrs Saunders and year 6 set up the feeding stations in April. We have a great bird hide… Our classroom!
Mrs M Saunders

Have a look at the fantastic view that we can get from our classroom window.

Class 1 Spanish Day

Class 1 have had a fantastic Spanish themed day today. The children hugely enjoyed their own non-uniform day with a Spanish twist. Children came into school dressed as Flamenco Dancers, Spanish Footballers, Matadors and their favourite Spanish characters from T.V shows. Throughout the day they learned Spanish words, learned the lyrics to and sang a Spanish song as well as tried tasty Spanish food that was so kindly donated by the parents of the class. A huge thank you to everyone for taking part, Class 1 had a fantastic time! The day was organised in dedication for our very Senorita Paquita (our current Class 1 Trainee Teacher!)

Class 4 Pit-Garden

As part of their topic, this term covering History, English, Music & Art, Class 4 have thoroughly enjoyed researching the local history throughout the Victorian era, in particular, our local coal mining communities and children working in mines. Following on from the visit to Beamish Museum and experiencing life in a mining community the children have carried out a lot of research of local pits including, for example, Wylam, Hartley, Durham and made models of mine shafts and associated buildings and equipment. Just like the mining children they have spent time today in our school Pit Village garden tending to their vegetable plants and flowers. They have also been making scarecrows to keep the birds and squirrels away.

Have a look at our classes handiwork below!

Class 5: Be Outdoors Day

Year 6 have worked on creating images using only natural pigments and materials found in our school garden. We learnt about plant pigments and their role in photosynthesis as well as how artists can use them to create a range of colours.
Great work from the whole class, and a nice lesson after a week of SATS!

Class 3: Be Outdoors Day

Class 3 have had an amazing time out in the Sunshine for their Be Outdoors Day on Thursday 18th May 2018. The children spent most of the day out in the warm summers day and kept themselves very busy! The children collected flowers, grass and rocks to create fascinating pictures of the sunny meadows or whatever they could imagine! They went on a species hunt and searched for and identified various animals and insects in and around our School Grounds and finally, they got back to mathematics and measured the perimeter of the schoolyard!