Class 4 – Basketball

Class 4 enjoyed a sunny basketball lesson with their coach Kelly today. We learnt skills of dribbling and finished with a penalty shoot out. Well done to Murray, Kaden, Zara and Lewis who all scored from quite a distance!

08/02/2018 – Chinese New Year


Not only have we had a fantastic chinese new year menu today, but Class 1 have also a had a brilliant day learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year (which takes place on 16th February). They have enjoyed making Chinese dragons and performing a dragon dance, making Chinese lanterns and sampling some Chinese cuisine.




06/02/2018 – Child Led Liturgy

In class we have had a though provoking liturgy and RE lesson. We started with a PowerPoint led Liturgy prepared by Yasmin, Rebecca and Oliver and then we shared with each other what we were the most thankful for.

07/02/2018 – KS1 Athletics Festival



Some of our year 1 and 2 pupils attended the KS1 athletics festival at St.Thomas More on Wednesday 7th February. All of the children really enjoyed taking part alongside our cluster primary schools and loved the dinosaur theme of the events, we certainly have some budding athletes to watch out for in the future. Thank you to all of our parents and grandparents who came along to support the children and a big well done to those who took part, we are very proud of you! (A special mention goes to one of our fantastic sports leader, Matthew who was on hand to offer advice on techniques and supported all of our younger children fantastically).

What have we been up to: January 2018

Have a look at some of the amazing things we’ve been up to here in Reception this January:


We created a puppet show and showed everyone some great adventures!











We held a liturgy for the Year of Mary, Mother of god.








We had a chance to play some amazing and interesting instruments with Mr Tobin.









 We made our own books as part of our work on Traditional Tales.

This week in Class 3

Class 3 have had a fantastic time this week in all of their lessons, have a look at some of the work they have been doing..

In maths we’ve been looking at currency and have been using them to help us remember and do calculations!




In English we’ve been reading ‘The Iron Man’ and so as a final part of our lessons we have dedicated to building our very own Iron Man! Have a look at our Iron Man below!





Mr Patterson brought in his Keyboard for our lessons in music this week, we’ve had grat fun following along his tunes and listening to him play as we learned how to play the xylophone.




And in Science we have been learning about Soil, and how it can look the same but be very different when looked at with a magnifying glass.

26/01/2018 – Mr Tobin visit

Class 1 were very lucky to have mr Tobin visit their class today. He came to talk to about the toys that he played with when he was a little boy. The children had prepared questions to ask Mr Tobsin such as “What was your favourite toy?”, “What material was it made from?”. He was very kind and brought in some of his old toy s and let us have a go of them. His favourite toy was his green bike and his toy scotty dog, whom he named ‘Scotty’. Have a look at the some of his toys below, the children had such fun learning and trying them out!

Class 4 – Yoga

The children enjoyed a relaxing and tranquil experience of Yoga in their P.E lesson on Tuesday. The children learned a variety of poses and the technique of being so flexible.  They then ended the session with a relaxing position. You could have heard a pin drop in the hall while the yoga session was on, the chidlren gave it their all!

What have we been up to: November 2017


As work has begun in our garden we have not been able to get outdoors but this has not stopped us.

As a whole school we had a Judaism Day. Our class focussed on Hanukkah. We learned a Jewish dance used at special celebrations. We performed our dance at the end of the day for the whole school. We also made Hanukkias and could tell the story behind them
Remembrance Liturgy


We celebrated Remembrance Day by having a special Liturgy. We invited Sargent Wallace in for a special show and tell. He told us about service men and women and why how we remember them. He also taught us to march (a little better than we already do). We performed a special song “Light a candle for Peace” and performed a Liturgy for our parents and the whole school. We made poppies and drew pictures of poppies in Flanders field. We made a special poppy wreath and Sargent Wallace took it and lay it on the War Memorial at Bishop Auckland.
Shapes, shapes everywhere

This month we have been looking at shapes in our environments, whilst measuring we also discovered that we could become shapes ourselves.

We have been measuring with string and then rulers and discovered that some of us are taller than others.

As part of our shapes we looked at Kandinsky and discovered that he loved circles we made a new display in the main hall using different sized circles and contrasting colours. We had to really concentrate when we were cutting the circles out and then shared different colours with our friends.

Once Upon a Time

We have revamped our book area into a magical Once Upon a Time area. We have written book reviews about our favourite books.