What have we been up to: November 2017


As work has begun in our garden we have not been able to get outdoors but this has not stopped us.

As a whole school we had a Judaism Day. Our class focussed on Hanukkah. We learned a Jewish dance used at special celebrations. We performed our dance at the end of the day for the whole school. We also made Hanukkias and could tell the story behind them
Remembrance Liturgy


We celebrated Remembrance Day by having a special Liturgy. We invited Sargent Wallace in for a special show and tell. He told us about service men and women and why how we remember them. He also taught us to march (a little better than we already do). We performed a special song “Light a candle for Peace” and performed a Liturgy for our parents and the whole school. We made poppies and drew pictures of poppies in Flanders field. We made a special poppy wreath and Sargent Wallace took it and lay it on the War Memorial at Bishop Auckland.
Shapes, shapes everywhere

This month we have been looking at shapes in our environments, whilst measuring we also discovered that we could become shapes ourselves.

We have been measuring with string and then rulers and discovered that some of us are taller than others.

As part of our shapes we looked at Kandinsky and discovered that he loved circles we made a new display in the main hall using different sized circles and contrasting colours. We had to really concentrate when we were cutting the circles out and then shared different colours with our friends.

Once Upon a Time

We have revamped our book area into a magical Once Upon a Time area. We have written book reviews about our favourite books.


15/11/2017 – KS2 Multi Skills Festival

A group of Year 5 and 6 children took part in a Multi Skills Festival on the 15th November 2017 down at St Thomas More, Blaydon. They competed in a variety of sporting events with other year 6s from other feeder schools in the area, they competed in a variety of Relay events, lap events and some track events.

The children absolutely loved the event and they were fantastic in the sports themselves. Just look at the smiling faces above in the Team Photo. Here’s looking forward for our current Year 5’s taking part next year as well!

‘It was lovely to visit STM and take part in the indoor sports challenge with other year 5 and 6 children from our cluster schools. The team were fantastic in both behaviour and attitude. They really enjoyed it and the atmosphere was great. We came fourth overall. There were some outstanding performances from our team, particularly in the field events and relays. Well done St Matthew’s!’ – Mrs M Saunders, Class Teacher

15/11/2017 – Virtual Reality Rollercoaster

Class 4 have had such great fun in Class today, they’ve all had a chance to experience ‘Virtual Reality’ using the devices attached to their head and a mobile phone. They downloaded an app on a phone and they got to ride a virtual rollercoaster as if they were actually there themselves. It wasn’t just for fun though! The children are using this experience to help them in their creative and descriptive writing in their English work. Have a look at the smiling faces in the photos below.

They used an app called ‘Space Coaster – Destroy the Drones!’ which both throws the children straight onto a VR roller coaster but keeps it even more interactive as it’s also a game where you score points! Some of the children got quite competitive!

14/11/2017 – Reception’s New Display


Reception have started on their new display piece for the school hall! They’re using what they’ve learned in their Expressive Art and Design lessons to create this lovely display that is absolutely fantastic to look at. If you ever get a chance, do pop in and have a look!

Every single one of the children worked exceptionally hard in cutting and designing their shapes for the board, each of the children designed their own coloured piece of fruit for the tree!


In their art lessons the children have been learning about the Russian artist ‘Wassaily Kandinsky’ who did many amazing pieces of artwork during his life, one such art piece was his famous ‘Kandinsky’s Circles’ (Pictured: Left) which has proven to be quite the inspiration for our Reception Class and their new display!

03/11/2017 – Yom Kippur Liturgy

Following on from our Judaism day on Thursday 2nd November 2017, Class 5 prepared and practiced a heartwarming assembly and school liturgy around the topic of the Jewish holiday of ‘Yom Kippur’, which is the holiest day of the year with it’s central themes being atonement and repentance, the day is usually celebrated with a fast lasting 25 hours! this year Yom Kippur was celebrated on Friday 29th September 2017.


After the liturgy the weekly awards were given out, we had the following awards to hand out!

  • Ben (Reception) – Amazing Phonics
  • Lilly (Class 1) – Brilliant Maths
  • Henry (Class 2) Working hard during Judaism day
  • Erin (Class 3) – Excellent Maths
  • Whole Class (Year 4) – Good work during Judaism day
  • Jonie R (Class 5) – Great work in History


Sean W (Class 3) received a special award from his Judo Class, he was awarded ‘Player of the Week! Congratulations!





Year 5 and 6’s Trip to Church

Our Year 5 and 6 children visited ‘Our Lady and St Cuthberts’ on the 3rd November 2017. The children attended Mass and even got the opportunity to interview Fr Michael about his role as a Parish Priest as well as what it entails to be a Priest. The children loved it asked so many great questions! This is really going to help them in their current RE topic! Look at the cheery faces in the ‘mini-gallery’ below. Lucy, Matthew and Fintan even helped out in the morning Mass!


What have we been up to: October 2017



We have been looking at patterns with 3 aspects to them, we went outside to do this and working with partners to complete this.

Our favourite books have been Stickman and Room on a broom.

We collected sticks of all different sizes and made Stickmen in the garden and inside.
This month we invited our parents and grandparents to “Come Dine with me” for Spanish Tapas. We made Spanish flags and decorations for the hall.

Everyone had a super time and thought our Spanish themed day was wonderful and when was the next one.
Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere……….we loved scooping the flesh from inside the pumpkin and playing in our creative area with it. We used the seeds for counting and got upto 100.

Some of us used knives to cut the flesh and made delicious pumpkin soup for snack.
As part of our Halloween topic we have been reading Funny Bones. We loved this story and Ben suggested that we could make our own Funny bones. We collected toilet tubes and managed to make our very own funny bones .

What have we been up to: September 2017

Learning outdoors……

Nature walk – we joined nursery and used our nature bags to collect sticks, leaves,berries and other items for our nature display.

Digging up the potatoes we planted in nursery. When we had collected all of the potatoes we took them inside and examined them with our magnifying glasses. We then washed and cooked and had a scrummy snack.

In maths we looked at patterns then went outside and made different patterns using water

Phonics – we have been looking at letter formation and writing our names. We used chalks to draw our names then make them disappear by tracing over them with water.

As a class we went celebrate mass at Our Lady and St Cuthbert’s church. Father Michael showed us the altar and the baptismal as this is what we have been looking at during R.E.

We celebrated our first Liturgy at a unit and invited nursery to join us. We set up a focal point by bringing material, a bible, a candle ,a cross and a statue of Our Lady. This allows us to focus whist we say some prayers and sing some songs. Our favourite song is “I special” by John Burland.





End of Year Poetry




Norman Cornish Day

On Tuesday 20th June 2017, we had a fantastic day studying this painting by Norman Cornish, a pitmen painter.








We worked very hard to create our own versions of the picture.









We really enjoyed re-enacting being people from the picture and miners taking a break!